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MIME....is about art, music and storytelling designed for New Media, along with every media ever invented or used by humankind....from cave wall etchings to Gibson's stimsims and virtual light. We strive to meld the digital with the traditional, be it film, radio, television, print, or any other medium. MIME recognizes that the explosion in digital convergence has come from applying human talent and imagination to technology. We therefore look to bringing content and creativity, whatever form they take, to digital and virtual platforms, resulting in New Media products that cover the gamut from computer games and internet development to virtual reality environments to film and documentaries and storytelling however the story wants to be told.

MIME brings together teaching and research from across Indiana University to investigate the social and cultural roles of new media and to engage in the development of new media for entertainment, learning, commerce and communication. MIME couples intensive classroom study with an internship program that allows students direct experience with corporate and public users and designers of these new media. MIME focuses on the synergy of practical skills and study needed to successfully create, evaluate and critique new media environments of all sorts.

What do Mimesters do when they are done? Pretty much anything they want to from working for Electronic Arts, Lucas, Microsoft Games to new media journalism at the Chicago Trib, AOL, MTVu and Public Broadcasting to Sony, Motorola and Universal Studios to teach at colleges and universities to create their own companies both for-profit and not-for profit.

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