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My name is Bjorn Ottesen, and I design and develop both interactive and non-interactive multimedia. Lately my main focus has been to write games, interactive applications and physical simulations using object-oriented programming in AS2 & AS3, C# and Python. Currently I work with the the Rspondr system and I am working on a custom design system I call PHire which allows a player to 'play' the screen with their body.
Just starting out designing cool stuff at High-Voltage.com

I am Hao Lin a designer from the MIME program at Indiana University. I currently work as a designer at Nickelodeon in NY city. I studied Visual Communication and Industrial Design in China.

Paul Johan I am the new "Instructor in the Communications and New Media Programme", game and interactive design at the National University of Singapore and I am the father of Zoltron and if you need to ask you'll never understand
CHARLIE HOYT Charlie Hoyt is an Aural Interaction Designer with years of experience in audio work for all forms of media in both virtual and physical spaces. Charlie has created sound designs for products licensed by companies including Disney, DC Comics, and Nickelodeon, among others. The best part about the work is that I can expect to be doing something different every day. One week I'll be creating a set of sound FX and the next I could be writing and recording music -- or even programming test chips. It's a fun job that gives me the chance to be creative -- and best of all I get to work with sound and music every day.

I am a designer at Liquid Entertainment.

Ideas are the easy part. As a game designer, I spend most of my time communicating ideas: writing documents that describe issues and solutions to assist the team of creative people I work with. Each day, I also spend several hours meeting with other designers, programmers, artists, and animators to discuss their concerns, answer questions, and identify new problems that need attention. Whatever the task - from the largest level to the smallest line of descriptive text - a designer needs to understand how everything fits together in the context of the larger game.

Vic My job title's a wacky one. Officially I'm a "Software Engineer", but for the past half year I've been Lead Designer. My day at this point of the project consists of first answering any design questions for engineers and artists, prototyping minigames, spending time in meetings reviewing builds, planning scrum sprints, and discussing various other design stuff. For what it's worth, my current role at EA is anything but typical because I can both code and design.
Kris Kurtis

Game Programmer

As a game programmer it is my job to engineer game code and systems that are not only functional, but also contribute to the larger game experience. Using developed designs I create technical plans for how the various game elements will work together and then implement them efficiently, test them thoroughly, and make changes as necessary in compliance with the design.

I am the Art Director for Studio Cypher LLC.
Company: Hi-Rez Studios
Title: Associate Designer
Jason is responsible for designing levels from concept through to completion. This includes, paper concepts, design documents, and BSP block outs. He then coordinates with the environment, programming, and effects teams to achieve the correct look, feel, and functionality for each level while keeping game flow intact. Jason also attends daily design meetings to discuss gameplay elements, art styles, features, fiction, and concepts. At the end of each day, Jason participates in a company wide playtest to help balance devices, prove out level flow, and pwn n00bs.

Veronica began her career in the games industry as a sound designer at Electronic Arts. With five titles were under her belt, Veronica wanted to be more involved with the entire game process and so started a career as a producer.

As an operations producer, Veronica dealt with localization, legal submissions, ESRB ratings and other important yet tedious tasks for several Sims titles. After paying her dues, she became a feature producer, managing and directing the Create-a-Sim/Create-a-Crew feature for Sims 2 Castaway, which dealt with a complex deterioration/repair system, funny text Simisms, as well as developing a look that incorporates clothing influences from many cultures and creative materials. Currently, Veronica is working on SimAnimals which is a new Intellectual Property for the Sims Division. Because the title is currently in development, she won't be sharing her current responsibilities. Just know that it rocks.

Veronica truly loves her job.


I'm the lead producer of an unannounced Sims game. I manage about half of the producers on the team. I oversee our milestone goals to make sure we're on the right creative track, work with marketing, and generally do whatever it takes to make a fun, successful game!

Associate Producer at Electronic Arts

I am a Senior Media Developer with Option Six. I've been the lead developer for e-learning courses on topics including ethics, algebra, and forklifts, and have worked with clients that include Eli Lilly, Toyota, and Krispy Kreme. This job allows me to do a little bit of everything: interface design, Flash design, photo, video, and sound editing, programming, directing, and even a little bit of "acting."

Shannon Forrey I was just promoted to head up the Pixar/Disney animation brand team
Melissa Federoff At salesforce.com I am a member of a 20+ person User Experience team that is composed of Interaction Designers, Graphic Designers, Usability Analysts, User Researchers and Front-End Developers. As a Usability Analyst I am responsible for testing the user experience of all of our customer-facing interfaces and defining when those interfaces are ready for release I oversee the usability of the Platform side of our business which allows developers to build applications that utilize our development environment and database. I have been with salesforce.com for two years now and truly enjoy working for this team in this company. We are fast-paced and customer-driven. I work with passionate, artistic, user-centered peers and interact with interesting, invested customers everyday and the result is incredibly rewarding.
Christopher Booker is a Multimedia Producer and Video Journalist with the Chicago Tribune. He produces both short and long form documentaries for the Tribune's website and broadcast partners. In addition, he is a freelance producer with NPR's Hearing Voices and an adjunct professor with Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism.
Geng Wang is a designer with Chicago Tribune Graphics Department. With a small multimedia team in the newsroom, he crafts whole solutions to problems — from concept, to interface, to implementation--that engage online readers with 'holistic' experience of interactive storytelling. He does occasional voice-overs for Asian-accented subjects in video/sound slideshow documentaries from chicagotribune.com, voluntarily or involuntarily, while he tries to improve his spoken English.
Mickey Interactive Account Manager, Click Here Inc. www.clickhere.com Oversee design and production of microsites, websites, and online advertising campaigns for for clients such as Advance Auto Parts, Russell Athletic, Patron Tequila, Travelocity, and Mayo Clinic. Responsible for developing holistic media strategy, account management and building client growth.
Media Designer for Options6. When I'm not working I'm running.
Chris Rice As for me, I'm a Communication Coordinator at Bloomington Hospital in charge of the public website (I didn't have anything to do with the website that is there now though, it'll be changing soon) and marketing for the Regional Center for Women & Children. I'm Chris Rice and my day-to-day activities include maintaining the public website, creating marketing materials for the Regional Center for Women & Children and finding new ways for the hospital to get its content out into the world that isn't just sticking a 30 second commercial on Youtube and going away. I make a lot of flyers, postcards, and signs. If Flash and Flex Builder ever get installed on my machine (3 months I've waiting), I'll be adding some Flash components to the website along with some widgets. I help my edit, make and schedule the content for our universal messaging system (they're the flat screen TVs in the hospital lobby and soon-to-be other locations in town). I'm eventually going to overhaul the employee intranet, but have no idea when that project will start. In the Marketing department's constant struggle with the Information Services department, I serve as the guy that can speak "nerd." This seems to have endeared me to the other Communication Coordinators and our V.P. heads
Nathan Letsinger Nathan serves as Web producer for Privateer Press, a Seattle-based entertainment company, where he develops rich internet applications and online brand experiences without the help of the army of mole-men employed by that other company over in Redmond. Nathan spends his days evangelizing web standards, user-centered experience, and other good habits cultivated in the MIME program to his co-workers. His nights are filled refining code and dreaming new ideas and experiences to bring to the Web. He maintains his personal blog at natebot.com and is always happy to talk to potential MIMEsters about the program and new media.
Marianella Title: Internet Manager Daily Tasks: Project management of enterprise web applications and web sites. Application and database design and management. Role coordination for inter and intra departmental web tools. Design, research and deployment of Content Management System environments for local and national site distribution.
Mike Green "Michael Vaughn Green is interning at Disney Interactive Studios doing game design. Mike is a graphic artist and multimedia developer. In his spare time he develops art assets for Independent Games. His recent contributions can be found at funderstormgames.com. When he is not doing that he can be found drawing comics, working on graphic design projects, and developing websites. Feel free to look him up at raptorsrevenge.com or dinosaurzatemygamez.com."
Marc Right now I'm living in Philadelphia and working freelance post-production. I have regular freelance work with a record label named RothMar Media", which is a record label run by veteran studio musicians who mass produce music albums in a 'long-tail' business model. These musicians are amazing- they can produce an excellent instrumental album in a single day... they can sit down with a keyboard, a bass, and a guitar, and write 10 four minute tracks in one sitting that sell. As a composer myself, it blows me away how amazing their music talent is. For them I do a number of things- I produce simple websites, cover art, prepare 'one sheets' (presentations for publishers about each album used for sales), data entry for each album, preparing sample clips for iTunes etc, and a little mixing and mastering. I also am doing some random freelance work with a few other clients producing audio content and editing video.
I'm the Lead User Experience Designer for Adobe's Hobbyist and Consumer Applications group. My role is to represent "XD" (experience design) on product feature teams. I work directly with product management, marketing, engineering, and quality engineering to develop simple, easy to use workflows for complex technical features. Currently I'm leading the design of Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Elements Organizer, but I've also had substantial input on the soon to be released Photoshop Express as well as other future products and services.

I am Aaron Holliday a Software Developer that designs, develops, and manages a variety of software projects ranging from GUI design, content management systems, web services, to audio DSP and everything in between. I work closely with artists, business analysts, and other software developers to create integrated software solutions.

I also developed Audio Dementia a revolutionary audio mixing program, which is the first spatial audio mixer. This means all the user has to do is move an icon to the left and the track will be panned to the left. If the user wants more volume on a track all the user has to do is bring it closer to the center of the stage. It is just that easy.

Travis Travis Isaacs is a user experience (UX) professional with a diverse and sorted skill set that includes visual design, web development, and interaction design. His passion for design has taken him to many industries including designing shopping sites for high fashion glasses retailer ReadingGlasses.com, building industry-changing interfaces for Sabre Travel Network and and Travelocity.com, to most recently re-imaging how people consume search at Dallas,TX startup Viewzi.com. Travis is a designer 24/7. However, he also makes room for his love of photography, cars, playing his drums, and writing on travisisaacs.com.
lValerie I am finishing my formal coursework phase in the Information Systems PhD program at the IU Kelley School of Business. As part of the program, I am also working as a research assistant where I have the opportunity to gain research experience by working with faculty. For my current research assistant position, I am exploring Web 3.0 technology. More specifically, we are researching team collaboration in the virtual world environment.
Cesar My work consists of creating art pieces for the SOE games' Player websites. The player sites provide games subscribers with stats of their in-game characters and services that attempt to enrich and extent the game experience. I work very closely with creative designers who prepare wireframes and specs for the projects, and project managers from SOE Platform. I am in charge of creating the visual concept and UI art elements for these projects. Currently, I am working on a UI for a new game that SOE is going to publish in the next months. My work involves art (web design, graphic design, 3D), game play and usability/user experience knowledge.
Josh I am a Visual Designer and Prototyper for the XD (experience design) team in San Jose (Experience Designer for short). I am responsible for the visual design of various Adobe System RIA's (Rich Internet Applications), and for creating interactive and/or animated prototypes to illustrate transitions and interactions with the software. I can't really talk about my product right now, but when it launches I'll be sure to let you know. Suffice to say, it's the coolest job in the world
SangJin I am currently working as a manager in Marketing Laboratory, Korea Telecom. I am involved in researching the effects of Korea Telecom's IPTV (MegaTV) and developing its business models and strategies. I like working here. very exciting.
lWill and Cookie For the past few years I have been working as a producer/editor for tv programs, web videos, music videos, and independent documentary productions. This means I do everything from writing and producing to shooting, and editing. The thing about MTV is that once they figure out you now how to do everything, you will then HAVE to do everything. I just got a staff job with MTV Networks creative services. I start on March 10th, and my official title is Producer/Editor. Creative Services is a department that creates internal sales and sizzle videos for all of MTV Networks (Comedy Central, VH1, MTV, Nickelodion, etc.) This job is a stepping stone into the corporate creative world, and I am excited to learn what makes show ideas marketable.
I am currently the Academic Director of Web Design & Interactive Media, Media Arts & Animation and Digital Photography at the Art Institute In Indianapolis, IN. I also do freelance professional photography and live in Indianapolis with my husband Kenneth and daughter Joely.

I'm the in-house UI/UX/IxD for Pluggd, Inc. I define how users will interact and use our products, including layout and definition of interactive elements, designing use-cases, user workflows and wireframes all the way through final art and some coding for the UI.

I spend most of my day in Adobe Illustrator (I would prefer Photoshop, but since everything I do needs to be vector right now, AI is best) and Flex 3. I create 3 or more comps of different layouts or designs and pitch them to our CEO. He gives me feedback and and refine and redesign. Once final art has been signed off, I convert the vector art to ActionScript 3 classes so that every element of the UI can be drawn using the Flex's drawing API. This makes our UIs incredibly flexible - so in the future we will be able to allow users to customize their own colors, look and feel dynamically.

I'm a Interactive Developer at Wieden + Kennedy. My daily activities include taking the concepts and ideas of our Art Directors and fleshing them out into fully-interactive experiences. These experiences take the shape of everything from banner ads and websites to non-traditional media and JumboTron billboards. Working in Interactive offers huge advantages over traditional medias; we're able to push our concepts in ways that extend far beyond the limitations of television. It's my job to ensure that we're taking full advantage of the interactive space while staying true to the original creative concept.
Rishu I am an Interaction Designer with SAP Labs in Palo Alto. I work with the SAP NetWeaver Innovation team to design the user interfaces for their new product offerings. Main responsibilities include applying the user-centered design process for all new projects, creating UI's for various projects in the team and design research. The work involves working closely with developers for prototyping activities, wireframing, information design and some user research. There's also a bit of visual design work from time to time.
Om Om is a User Experience Designer at SAP Labs. He works on Duet software that enables access to SAP's business processes and data from the familiar MS Office environment. As a UX Designer he needs to constantly assess, prioritize and make trade-offs against user needs, business goals and technical constraints. Besides his design team he works with the development and business organizations communicating his designs and evangelizing the importance of user experience.
I'm Nicold Pittman, I run Soul Curve Media (soulcurve.com). I'm a freelance digital media designer. I create logos, websites, postcards, business cards, stationary, animations, CD covers, posters, etc, for businesses, musicians, and organizations. I mostly specialize in small businesses. Examples of my work can be seen at the aforementioned site. I also dabble in jewelry making and photography.
Nathan Shipley "Nathan Shipley works for IMS Productions at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He creates motion graphics, visual effects, composites, and 3D animation for both national broadcast and corporate clients. Additionally, Nathan helps plan and direct visual effects shoots on location and in the studios at IMSP."
Monica Executive Producer, Wee Beastie
Direct contact with clients negotiating budgets and calendars. Manage creative team to ensure they meet deadlines and stay true to the clients' objectives. New business outreach- sending reels, calling potential clients, entertaining clients. On set I am the liaison between the clients and my director. I ensure they get what they want, but that the director has the room to work. I also hound the Assistant Director to keep us on time and the Line Producer to keep us within budget. As a business owner, I am in charge of our bookkeeping and business financial plans. Managing staff and paying bills- payroll, insurance, rent, etc... My business partner and I are constantly working on our marketing strategy in order to meet new clients and keep them! I am also constantly on the search for new talent, keeping a database of freelancers to hire for various projects. Sometimes I eat lunch.
Byungho Park received his Ph.D. in Mass Communications from Indiana University - Bloomington in 2006. His research focuses on motivated cognition in the context of processing mediated messages. His research interests include cognitive processing of video games and interactive advertising, and the impact of structural features and content of mediated messages on motivated cognition. Dr. Park's current research project is about motivated cognition during video game play. He holds an MA in Telecommunications and a BS in Computer Science, both from Korea University.

I am currently a PhD student in Mass Communications at Indiana University. I am a critic, a writer, a teacher, and a producer of stories in both old and new media.

My research interest is political speech on the internet, and especially the way ordinary citizens are expressing their political opinions and emotions through software -- seizing the tools!

I have also seized the tools myself. Some of my favorites are Flash, Photoshop, Final Cut, and any software that edits audio and/or creates music. I write fiction, film, movie and interactive scripts, poetry, song lyrics, and essays.

IMDB credits

"The American Experience" (research assistant) (1episode, 2005) - Kinsey (2005) TV episode (research assistant)

Soundtrack: 1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) (writer: "Christmas in Whoville") ... aka The Grinch (Australia) (UK) (USA: promotional title)

I am developing online courses for Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I work with instructors who provide class content and I put the content in a web format. My main responsibility is to make these courses interesting and fun to learn. Designing multimedia pieces to enhance student's learning is part of my job. My courses are in many fields ranging from fashion, photography, graphic design, sculpture, and software applications.
Tom Hunt My job title is 'Internet and Multimedia Instructional Developer'. I work with course developers and content experts to design and develop interactive elements (known as 'Learning Objects' or 'Learning Tools') for online distance education courses. These Learning Tools are typically Flash based, often incorporating other media (images, possibly audio and video). Development includes creation of necessary graphics as well as programming. Here is a demo page of some of what I've done, if it is useful... http://www.indiana.edu/~scsweb/demonstration/
DEREK MOSHER I am Derek Mosher, the Dark Mimester. I climb mountains, I live on a boat, and my day job ...
Flash Developer
Chiat/Day Tequila
email: rocketderek@yahoo.com
Norbert Herber is a Lecturer at Indiana University Bloomington in the Department of Telecommunications. He is a musician and a sound artist whose research explores the relationship between participants and sound within mediated environments. Norbert's artistic work can be described as Amergent music — an innovative generative style that uses artificial life systems to sustain continuous, real-time modification and adaptation. Using this approach he is focused on creating sound and music in digital environments for art, entertainment, and communications. Norbert is a Ph.D. candidate in the Planetary Collegium through the University of Plymouth, UK where he studies under the supervision of John Matthias, Roy Ascott, and Brian Eno. His works have been performed/exhibited in Europe, Asia, South America, and in the United States. Current projects can be heard online at www.x-tet.com.
Sangwook "Sangwook Park is a Flex Architect based in San Franscisco. With Rich Internet Application tools such as Director, Flash and Flex, He has developed web and desktop applications for entertainment, education and business to business for seven years. His main interest lies in front-end developement where information is presented in natural and aesthetic ways. He misses the time when just making simple buttons in Director was so cool to everybody. His other interests include 3D Modeling, artificial intelligence, physics and user interface design. "

Alex Schaffert-Callaghan
New Media Manager, American Public Media, Los Angeles

I oversee New Media operations for Southern California Public Radio, one of L.A.'s most popular public radio station, and for two national radio shows produced by American Public Media in downtown Los Angleles. One of them is Marketplace, a daily business show which reaches more than 9 million listeners every week. The other one is Weekend America, a weekly show where curious hosts spark conversations and connect listeners with the most compelling ideas and events of America this weekend. I lead a diverse team of online editors, programmers, designers, and student interns who make these sites great everyday. You'll find us online at:

Actively nursing dahling daughter - in between feedings I - blog, email, eat, wash, cook, read, NY times crossword, walking, play piano, sing, read lots, write occasionally for The Hindu, goof around with my 4 year old, engage in monologues (i'm all ears).

Planning a future when i am more out of the house than in, more earning my own than just spending anothers, in other words returning to work or school, still weighing pros and cons of both options

Steve Mc Steve MacLaughlin is the Director of Internet Solutions at Blackbaud and is responsible for leading how the company provides online solutions for its clients. This involves meeting with a diverse set of nonprofit organizations and translating their needs into Internet-based product and service solutions. Prior to this new role, Steve helped establish and grow Blackbaud Interactive into the leading Internet strategy and solutions agency serving nonprofits.

Blackbaud (NASDQ:BLKB) is the leading global provider of software and services designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, and works with more than 19,000 nonprofits, including the American Red Cross, Dartmouth College, the WGBH Educational Foundation, Lincoln Center, Cancer Research UK, Special Olympics, and Make-A-Wish Foundation. Headquartered in the United States, Blackbaud also has operations in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia

New blog is here: http://forums.blackbaud.com/blogs/connections/about.aspx
New bio is here: http://forums.blackbaud.com/blogs/connections/about.aspx

Elena Bertozzi is a professor at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. She teaches interactive media and game design in the Multimedia Digital Arts, Communication and Games track. Her research focus is on play and gender and how they relate to technofilia, technophobia and competence. She is currently working on a study of how cross-gender competition affects perfomance.

Other work includes websites and creative media design, artists' books, translations, and other writing.

Director of Web Strategy for the National Cable & Telecommunications Association.

Day-to-day I brainstorm with people on innovative yet sound ideas, research audience, research needs, and research competitors, propose and vet ideas by flying and make phone calls, write up detailed new project plans, choose a project team, and execute.

Bart Everson with Baby I'm a multimedia artist at Xavier University's Center for the Advancement of Teaching. I help faculty develop creative projects using a variety of technologies including photography, videography, web design, programming and animation.
Igal lives in Israel. He works as a Java Team Lead in a software company called Actimize. He and his wife (an early music performer also graduated from IU) are raising Moshe and Avigail. "My boss is always annoyed when I keep raising the idea of adding some games between all the graphs and charts, maybe one day, who knows"

Rick Dietz has been named Director of Information & Technology Services (ITS) for the City of Bloomington. Rick manages the city's Information Technology (IT) systems, including computer hardware, software, and networks. The department also trains city employees and coordinates IT purchasing for city departments.

Dietz founded Oacea, Inc., a web development, website hosting and technology consulting business with a number of local and regional clients.

He co-founded the Humanetrix Foundation, Inc. (HFI), a local technology-in-the-public-interest not-for-profit organization. HFI's most recent project is the Citizens' Toolkit for Bloomington and Monroe County (http://www.citizenstoolkit.org), which provided impartial election information including an easy-to-use polling place locator, online sample ballots, and links to candidate profiles.

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