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MIME ....features areas of emphasis such as: business and communication, visual/graphics, storytelling, music and programming. In addition, MIME focuses on context, featuring courses which address the interrelationship of content, mood and environment.

The MIME program has established the following requirements for students in the program:
• Student-designed program, approved by the student's committee.
• Minimum 36 credit hours, 18 in the department
• a project-based comprehensive exam
• T505 Media Work
• Choose one: T522 Management or T580 Game Design

MIME couples traditional classes with a project-based approach to large scale media design from documentatires, to the internet to game design. All told, the degree will require 36 graduate credits, spread across many academic units at IU such as: Telecommunications, Business, Music, Fine Arts, Theater, Education, Journalism, and Computer Science.

Beyond the required courses and the possible internship experience, students can select major and minor areas of emphasis. MIME makes use of many existing courses available across Indiana university. MIME students may enroll in the courses such as the following, this list is just a suggestion. Ultimately the list depends upon the interests of the Mimesters:

  Creativity for Small Business Development
  Business Planning
  New Venture Creation
 Communication and Culture
  Research Methods in Media and Culture
  Mass Media and Culture
  Media Institutions and the Production of Culture
  Technology and Culture
  The Screenplay
  Media Theory and Aesthetics
  Cultural Dimensions of International Communication
 Computer Science
  Mastering the World-Wide Web
  Introduction to Computer Science
  Introduction to Software Systems
  Data Structures
  Introduction to Programming I: Java
  Introduction to Programming II: Online Game Desig
  Networks & Distributed Computing
 Fine Arts
  Computer Art: Survey and Practice
  Video Art
  Anatomy For The Artist
  Advanced Seminar in Graphic Design
  Advanced Studio Projects: Drawing, Figurative Sculpture, Photography, etc
 Instructional Systems Technology
  Instructional Design and Development I
  Instructional Design and Development II
  Designing Instructional Systems
  Message Design for Multimedia
  Visual Skills
  Human-Computer Interface Design
  Design Issues of Next-Generation Interfaces
  Media and Society
  Seminar in Visual Communication
  Issues in New Communication Technology
  Informational Graphics
  Literary Journalism
  Computerized Publication Design I
  Computerized Publication Design II
  The Media in the Twentieth Century
 Library and Information Science
  User Needs and Behavior in Theory and Practice
  Principles and Technologies of Storytelling
  Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
  Development and Use of Networked Digital Libraries
  Information Usage and the Cognitive Artifact
  Introduction to MIDI and Computer Music
  T570: Art, Entertainment and Information
  T571: Applied Cognitive and Emotional Psychology
  T551: Mass Media and Culture
  T641: Children and the Media
  T602: Interactivity & Communication Theory
  T597: Interactive Storytelling and Computer Game Design Media Design Internship
  Research Methods and Materials
  Advanced Scene Design
  Studies in Scene Design
  Studies in Stage Lighting
  Structure of Drama
  Studies in Playwriting
  Studies in Theatre Technology

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