This is an introductory class in 3D modeling and simple computer animation. The class is designed for beginners with no 3D modeling experience. Students should be familiar with basic design tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator and be comfortable drawing and sketching. There will be weekly design assignments, classroom presentations and a final large design project.

Thom Gillespie is the instructor and the class meets every Tuesday & Thursday, 2:00 -3:45 am in HPER 155. Office hours are Wednesday 3-4:30 by appointment in Room 346 of the Radio/TV Building. Our mailing list is

This website changes constantly. Your responsibility is to always consult the website for up-to-date information. Assignments and Viewings will be added to this website as needed.


All work graded as acceptable (C), good (B) or excellent (A) except for quizzes. Acceptable meets minimum requirements of assignment, good is more than required, excellent is the best work in the class.
  Work is due when assigned.

  • Weekly design assignments 30%
  • 1 2 page critique of books selected and read by you from our reading list 10%
  • 1 in-class presentation of a 3D topic. Can be anything which interests you. Can be a presentation on a technique, on another piece of 3D software, on an application of 3D to movies, games, other media, to business, medical imaging, political communication, etc. ( machinima, sketchUp, camera mapping, level editing, motion capture, Blender, high dynamic range image, green screening 3D, 3D forensics, medical imaging, 3d sound, xpresso, 3d fashion design, Body Paint, zbrush, RealFlow, water, uvmapping, walk cycles, etc.) Must be approved by Thom. A complete handout for everyone in the room must accompany the presentation. Handout can not be a collection of Powerpoint slides. Must be a written document which explains the presentation and allows others to continue learning. 10%
  • Random quizzes on readings & viewings. (10%)
  • Paper story boards and working notes for Final project due four week before presentation of Final Project. These story boards will be judged on quality of thoughtfulness and attention to detail. 10%
  • Final design project which must be presented to the class in person during exam time 20%
  • Attendance & class participation -- if you are not in class you aren't participating. This is a percentage of your total attendance. If you miss more than 2 classes you get no credit for attendance and participation ... instant B in the class. 10%
  • All assignments must be turned in on time and completed before the end of the term for a passing grade. 100% of the above assessment is a B grade which means it is good. Excellence is an A grade and a totally subjective judgement on my part of the quality of participation in class; work done in class; work done outside of class; and worked handed in.

    All work in C4D form must be handed in during the term and completely at the end of the term on a CD or a zip disk including your paper critique and your presentation.

Abby Vore


Cinema 4d is available at the following STC Labs:

  • HP 155 - Building hours.
  • LH 030 - 8:00 a.m. - Midnight
  • SB 222 - 8:00 a.m. - Midnight, Restricted hours Fri, Sat, Sun
  • TV 250 - Building Hours
  • FA 215 - Open 24/7
  • FA 137 - Restricted hours
  • Information Commons - 24/7, Undergraduate side.

Maxon Website for Cinema 4D info

Required Viewing:

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Dear: Thom

Your class has been approved.

 School Name: Indiana University
 Class Name:  3D_Fall07
 Start Date:  8/28/2007
 End Date:    11/29/2007
 Cost per Student:  $31.00 (Class costs paid by student.)

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Students should use the Class Code:  8282007C1922

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If you have any questions, please let us know.

Recommended Books:

CINEMA 4D R10 Essential Training (DVD-ROM) by Larry Mitchell

CINEMA 4D 10 Workshop by Arndt von Koenigsmarck

Cinema 4D: The Artist's Project Sourcebook, Second Edition by Anne Powers

Cinema 4D 10 Handbook (Graphics Series) by Anson Call

Mark Pesce


Chris Lee



Viewings: Introduction, Getting Started, Modeling Essentials: Structure


Download Blender for your machine

Start reading: Blender 3D: Noob to Pro

  • Become Familiar with the Blender Interface
  • Learn the Blender Windowing System
  • The User Preferences Window
  • The Buttons Window
  • The 3D Viewport Window
  • Other Windows

Viewings: Introduction, Getting Started, Modeling Essentials: Structure
Due: A sofa, soft chair, table and chairs

Couch example #1
Couch example #2

Table and Room #1

Viewings: Modeling Essentials: Structure
Due: Simple room Sofa & Couch
Simple Table example


Due: Better room with sofa, couch, table and a chair.

Another Table with

Lofts and

Plants and


Viewings: 4. Modeling with NURBS
Due: chair, couch, dining room table, 4 dining room chairs, a plant and a lamp

Room with a View

Boolean operators

Room details

Simple Camera moves

Camera, doors and rooms


Viewings: 5. Complex Modeling Tools
Due: Couch; magazine table; table & chairs; TV & remote control selector; lamps; plant; and any other stuff you want in your room ... oh, a room

Dan, Dave & Jeremy

Viewings: Creating Materials and Textures
Due: Completely finished room with:
chairs, tables, walls, windows, lamps, plants, etc. A movie fly-thru of your space.


Due: Find a model or 2 you are interested in modeling from Go to the Blueprints section. You are also free to find blueprints from other places but you will need a top, side, front and back view at a minimum to do your design.


Viewings: 9. Lighting, Cameras, and Scene Objects




Viewings: 7. Painting Textures with BodyPaint 3D

Index card listing which book you are reading first.


Viewings: 11. Rendering Essentials Pump Action Video


Viewings: 7. Painting Textures with BodyPaint 3D


Viewings: 11. Rendering Essentials The Cathedral

Meredith, Yongsook, & Tom Murphy

Viewings: 10. Creating Skies

  • Finished car

Viewings: Head Modeling
More head modeling

Chris Eller



Head Modeling

From Livali:

From Marcella:

Smiling Matt Turow

Presentations:Jeff on green screening

Chris W on BodyPaint

An Alternative Cartoon Render Technique

Head Texturing
Presentations: Kaitlin & Joel

Michael Paynter

Presentations: Nick on Blender & Wei: Skin


Presentations: Nathan & Tom


Due: Finished head
Chris E on Stereo Images



Presentations: Sid: SketchUp& Aaron: Walk cycle
Jannis Labelle' Modeling and Animating a bird


Thanksgiving, no class

Thanksgiving, no class



Due: Proposal and paper story boards for Final project


Due: Book report

Turned in on disk or cd. Working final project to date: models, animations, textures


12/11 FINAL EXAM in person demonstration of final project: Dec 18th 8 am.

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